Humanities and Sciences


1. S & H department strive to provide the opportunity to appreciate the value of science and recognize excellence in education to build their career in engineering.

2. To lead life of social cohesion and harmony adopting high values.

3. To train and develop the basic skill-sets which in turn facilitate the students in achieving academic excellence.

4.To introduce innovative teaching methodologies and evaluation strategies which chisels the professional etiquettes of the students.


1. To help students move forward with a collaborative initiative to achieve all round excellence.

2. To promote knowledge in a rewarding and inspiring research environment.

3. To inculcate the importance of Basic Sciences and develop a natural flair for Engineering and Technology which in turn shall mould the student into a competent professional.

4. The Department is committed to high quality instruction for all students in courses, and it nurtures pleasant and constructive faculty-student interaction by motivating them to learn and excel, generate interest in the subject.

5. The department to facilitate to accomplish research in various advanced area of science and technology and play an integrating and leadership role to the multi-disciplinary community of science and engineering.