Humanities and Sciences

Programe Educational Objective

PEO - 1: To provide students a well-built establishment in mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals essential to recognize, evaluate and decide real life troubles and to practice them for graduate studies in their specific area.

PEO-2: Competency in an engineering or science profession via promotion to positions of increasing responsibility, publications, and/or conference presentations.

PEO - 3: To create responsiveness among the engineering students for life-long learning and to encourage in their professional and ethical attitude, good leadership qualities and commitment to social conscientiousness.

PEO - 4: To impart the fundamental knowledge of the students in all facets of Science and Humanities needed to acquire better expertise in all disciplines of Engineering besides, bridging the curricular gap between the school and collegiate education.

PEO - 4: To develop excellent written and oral communication skills, including presentation skills and technical writing for effectively interacting with clients, customers, co-workers and managers.