ECE Department

Program Educational Objectives

PEO - 1: Possessing strong educational background in Science, Mathematics and Electronics & Communication Engineering for pursuing successful career in emerging technologies.

PEO-2: Student will be able to attain a solid foundation in Electronics and Communication Engineering fundamentals with an attitude to pursue continuing education (Continuing Education).

PEO - 3: Developing design competency in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering to provide cost effective and eco-friendly engineering solutions.

PEO - 4: Creating capability to function effectively in multi-disciplinary environment.

PEO - 5: Adapting new ideas and technologies as a life-long learner.

PEO - 6: Student will be able to acquire and exercise excellent leadership qualities, at various levels appropriate to their experience which addresses issues in a responsive, ethical and innovative manner (Exercising Leadership).

PEO - 7: Inculcating ethical practices, dynamic leadership qualities and effective communication skills.

PEO - 8: Student will be able to function professionally in an increasingly international and rapidly changing world due to the advances in technologies and concepts and contribute to the needs of the society (Professional Effectiveness and Contribution to Society).