Our vision is to produce capable business leaders who are prepared with the necessary management and research skills to make high-quality business decisions in either an entrepreneurial or staff capacity


1. To continually expand the scope of application of management concepts to infrastructural, institutional, Environmental & Developmental services, Entrepreneurship & emerging areas like CRM, SCM, Business Incubation, University Industry Partnership, research, training and consultancy.

2. To enhance quality research skills among the Ph.D. scholars.

3. To promote the development of socio-economically sensitive, responsible and effective managers and management academics of tomorrow.

4. To achieve the Vision and Mission, the School.

5. Organizes the MBA core courses, electives, project work, self-awareness and growth lab, organizational skills workshop, summer internships, and other relevant inputs.

6. Promotes research by faculty and Ph.D. scholars.

7. Organizes seminars and encourages participation in external seminars.

8. Collaborates with reputable national and international institutions and industry.

9. Encourages students to organize and participate in co-and extra-curricular activities.